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Becoming a Celebrant means you get to harness the magic of celebrations and marking Rites of Passage for families, friends, and those you love.

We’ve made you a 6-part video series designed to show you exactly what it means to become a celebrant, and answer all your questions about what it takes to harness your creativity into a brand new, vibrant career. .

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What is in the free videos?

The series consist of six videos, which together take you on a fascinating journey through what it means to be a celebrant in the USA.

Would you like to explore the potential of a brand new, exciting and lucrative career that involves making people happy? Read on to find out what we cover in our first video, 'An introduction to celebrancy'.

What is celebrancy? It's all about love, in all love's many guises Our first video introduces you to the concept of celebrancy and what it means to the people whose occasions you'll help to mark. Thanks to our celebrant course people like you help families celebrate every kind of love, from the love we feel for our children to the love we feel when saying a final goodbye, and everything in between. The work we do touches every aspect of life.

Becoming a celebrant - How to get ordained online

We are the Institute of Professional Celebrants, and it's our job to provide everything you need to make a wise decision that could change your life for the better.

In the first video we look at the overall impact of celebrancy, what it means to people, what it'll mean to you, and some of the challenges you will face as a self-employed celebrant. Within celebrancy, there are many niches and specialities to explore. We'll go through some of them to give you an idea about how our celebrant course introduces you to the exciting potential of this enjoyable career.

We'll touch on some of the many and varied occasions and events you'll find yourself taking as a celebrant, giving you the information you need to decide whether celebrancy is for you.

The differences between an officiant and celebrant

In the video we talk about the differences between an officiant and a celebrant. We examine the exciting level of creativity that's a natural part of this lovely job. We explore the secular aspects of the role, and look into how more and more people are finding it helpful not to place faith at the centre of their celebrations. We also introduce you to the beauty of the role, the beautiful and meaningful ceremonies you create for people, each one unique and tailored carefully – with love – for the client.

Celebrancy USA – Celebrant weddings and celebrant funerals

Weddings and funerals are some of the most popular events led by celebrants. Our bread and butter, if you like. We take an interesting look at some of the rites of passage celebrants are involved in, including various important life stages. We examine some of the amazing locations where ceremonies can take place, and discover some of the interesting legal aspects of becoming a celebrant.

Our civil celebrant course - Can I teach myself to become a celebrant?

When you want to become an expert in something, no matter what the field of human endeavor, there are reliable ways to get the expertise you need. We take a look at how learning through our celebrancy course is an excellent way to enjoy acquiring new skills, take in new information, and make the lessons you learn stick.

Access the FREE Introduction To Celebrancy Training Series

Starting a new career can sound daunting, and we want you to have all the answers before you make your first move. In this series, we are going to paint the picture of exactly what it means to become a celebrant, and how to create beauty and meaning for each and every one of your celebrancy clients through your own creativity and passions.

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Access the FREE Introduction To Celebrancy Training Series

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